Monday, July 27, 2009

I haven't forgotten...

To follow up on a previous post:

I just think that the truth ought to be able to win on its own merits, and that it shouldn't be necessary to exaggerate the views of our opponents to prove that the truth is better. Consider 2 Tim 2:24-26, about speaking the truth in meekness. I thought Matthew Henry was helpful in understanding these verses.

I find myself thinking of a friend I had in college, who was your typical secular Muslim. He was converted his senior year. As far as I know, he became a Christian not because someone sat down with him and pointed out all the errors of Islam, but because he saw the truth in action via the witness and lifestyle of several Christian friends.

I'm trying to imagine how he would have responded if I had gone to him, before his conversion, and announced, "Islam is really a religion of violence!" I would think that he would have been insulted, just as I would be insulted if a Muslim came to me and tried to tell me what Christianity is all about. None of that was necessary anyway, as once he started reading the Bible, he was convinced just because, well, the truth is convincing, at least that's how I would like to see it. :) (And Mr. Friend from College, I don't know if you read this, but if you do, feel free to correct me if I'm misrepresenting you.)

Last point...I feel as though some (many?) think that there's secular Islam, and then there's "true" Islam as defined by the Quran, much as we have secular Christianity today versus "true" Christianity as defined by the Bible. But since the Quran is not inspired by God, then all of Islam's many variations are inventions of man, and no one branch of Islam is any more "true" than another. So we as Christians may as well concern ourselves with what the majority of Muslims think (don't forget to check out this study), since the radical few are no more relevant than the rest. I hope that makes sense.

Of course, this is just all my opinion, so please don't take it personally. I am almost hesitant to click "publish post" but I think (hope) that this is not written in a way to cause offense. :)

Coming soon: A New Blog!!! After I finish the series on my siblings, that is. (Mercy, I know you were hoping I'd forgotten, but you're next!)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just In from the Hembd Household

Elijah: "Mama, Mama, Noah climbed all the way to the top bunk!"
Mama: *drops sewing project and races to bedroom*
Elijah, in a tone of wonderment: "I just don't know how he did it!"
Noah, huge smile on his face: "Mama, I seeping on a TOP!"


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Life in Texas

I'm slowly settling in here in Texas. It's finally sinking in that I'm here to stay, and that this is not just another visit. And I'm mostly happy about that. :)

Life in Texas doesn't hold a lot of surprises, as I'd visited a few times during the last year, including in the heat of the summer. However, there have been a few when I drove by a bank in northern Texas on my way down here, and the time/temp display out front read 105 degrees! I checked three times to make sure that I was reading it correctly.

Then, when I had just arrived, I went out to the car to get some things, and came upon an armadillo in the front yard. He went crashing away into the trees...I guess armadillos are rather clumsy creatures, which might explain the number of dead ones I see along the roads. Then the next day Ben opened the back door, then said "Hey, come take a look at this," and I peered over his shoulder to see a big mottled snake slowly slipping its way beneath the threshold of the door.

One thing I really appreciate--it's so nice to have other adults in the house! In Indiana it was just me and lots of small children, day in and day out...and while I enjoy children, I did miss having adults to talk to. With other adults here, I'm able to slip out the door for an early morning walk while the boys are still sleeping. Often as I leave the house, I meet my dad just coming back in from his morning run--he runs between four and six miles at a time. He's fifty-nine. :)

We do have quite a full house here--five adults and two children in a smallish three-bedroom house. :) I think we'll all be comfortable and happy here, but the initial settling-in process is challenging--Mom and I are having to do a lot of brainstorming to make it all work. We do have overnight guests from time to time, as well--at the moment we have Mr. Roland, from London, staying the weekend. And frequent dinner guests--last night we had my two married siblings over for dinner, and their spouses and children of course. We enjoyed hearing about my brother Caleb's recent trip to Kenya to visit the FP mission. He looked a bit hollow-eyed, as he'd just recovered from the amoebic dysentery he got on his trip, but he was still enthusiastic about his experience there.

All righty, it's picture time. :) Here is my super cute niece Olivia yawning. She is a sweetie. Shona, my other niece, was also present, but I didn't get any pictures of her, sadly.

And here's Olivia again, being held by my brother Jesh. Jesh is great with babies and small children.

Here's Caleb smiling politely as I interrupt his conversation with the camera.

And here he is again, deep in conversation with my brother-in-law Mark (not in the picture).

Must go, as we are headed out to dinner.