Thursday, November 28, 2013

Newest Babies Two, Three, and Four

Just realized that the last time I posted a baby photo was July of last year.  At the time, Adele was the newest baby in our midst.  This is what she looked like then:

And now she's a great big girl...

This year, we've added three more babies.  This one is my youngest niece.  At the time of this photo, she was in my kitchen begging me for a bite of pancake fresh off the griddle.  And how could I say no to this eager little face?

Then over the summer, John and Naomi were blessed with this little guy.  He is actually smiling in this photo, but you can't tell because his mouth is full.  (Might be teething...)  He is a very good natured and smiley little boy.  I think he looks a lot like his mother.

And finally, just a few weeks ago, Carl and Stephanie had this little boy.  Or maybe little is not the right word.  He was and is a very big baby!  Hard to believe he's not much more than one month old.  Look at his little mouth.  It reminds me of somebody.  Hmmm.

Some siblings and cousins of the above, along with Joseph (left) and Rev. K. D. MacLeod (right):
This was taken today at our Thanksgiving dinner.  Mr. MacLeod is visiting from Scotland for two weeks.
Life is very busy of late, but hopefully I'll find the time to post again soon.