Psalm Singing

New Scottish Psalter Site

Includes a number of psalm recordings
(Still a work in progress)

Useful Links

For a complete "index" of all the psalm recordings from the Scottish Metrical Psalter that I have been able to find online, see this post.

For midi files of all the psalm tunes in the split-leaf psalter published by the Free Church, visit this useful site:
Aberdeen Free Church of Scotland (Continuing)--Online Media

For the full text of the Scottish Psalter, including suggested tunes for each psalm, see this site:
The Psalms in Metre

To see maps of EP (exclusive psalmody) churches around the world, visit:
Exclusive Psalmody Churches
Click on the "maps" tab to find EP churches in your area, or in the area you're visiting.

Our Psalm Recordings

We host psalm sings every month or so in our home, partly in an effort to improve congregational singing, and partly just because we enjoy singing together.  We have recorded the singing and posted the recordings online.

These psalm recordings can be downloaded from On that site you will also find a few psalm recordings from other places, including some lined-out psalm singing.