Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Recordings from the Scottish Psalter, Book 5, Psalms 107-150

Recordings from the Scottish Metrical Psalter (1650).  These recordings are all sung a cappella, and are free to download.

For more recordings, and for more information about the people who made these recordings, click here.

In order from left to right, we have: the psalm, the tune, and the people/group singing.  Click on the psalm to be taken to the hosting site where you can listen and/or download the recording.

I've put an "R" next to the tunes that repeat a line, since I know that not everyone appreciates those (as my brother says, "If that line was meant to be repeated, it would be repeated in the Bible.").

The quality of these may vary.

Where there are multiple recordings per psalm or section of a psalm, I've tried to pick out my favorites to include in the playlist I listen to regularly.  The recordings in my playlist are marked with an asterisk *.

PsalmTuneWho's Singing?
Psalm 107:1-8EpworthCCRPC
*Psalm 107:1-9GainsboroughNiallags
*Psalm 107:10-16Amazing GraceNiallags
*Psalm 107:17-22NativityNiallags
*Psalm 107:23-30KilmarnockNiallags
*Psalm 107:23-30TorwoodSanta Fe
Psalm 107:23-31LochbroomHighland Harmony Singers
*Psalm 107:37-43GlenluceAberdeen FCC
*Psalm 108BishopthorpeCCRPC
*Psalm 110SouthwarkSanta Fe
*Psalm 112:1-5CaithnessAberdeen FCC
*Psalm 113St. EtheldredaSanta Fe
*Psalm 115:12-18ContemplationSanta Fe
*Psalm 116:1-7RestAberdeen FCC
*Psalm 116:1-6ColeshillSanta Fe
*Psalm 116:13-19EricstaneAberdeen FCC
*Psalm 119:9-14St. Paulunknown
Psalm 119:57-60BelmontAberdeen FCC
*Psalm 119:57-60BelmontHighland Harmony Singers
Psalm 119:57-64BelmontNiallags
*Psalm 119:57-64BelmontSanta Fe
*Psalm 119:89-96PalestrinaNiallags
*Psalm 119:169-176St. AndrewSanta Fe
*Psalm 121FrenchSanta Fe
Psalm 121FrenchFree Church
Psalm 121FrenchNiallags
Psalm 121Frenchsomebody's wedding
Psalm 122Free ChurchFree Church
*Psalm 122St. PaulNiallags
*Psalm 127:1-5St. Andrewunknown
*Psalm 128:1-6Howardunknown
Psalm 130Bays of HarrisFree Church
*Psalm 130MartyrdomFP congregation
*Psalm 130MartyrdomNiallags
*Psalm 132:1-9St. FlavianSanta Fe
Psalm 133Eastgate RCCRPC
Psalm 133Eastgate RHighland Harmony Singers
*Psalm 133CrimondSanta Fe
*Psalm 135:1-5SouthwarkConnorQ
*Psalm 137DunlapscreekCCRPC
*Psalm 138:1-3TivertonConnorQ
*Psalm 139:1-10St. ColumbaConnorQ
*Psalm 139:3-9 2ndCroft's 136thAberdeen FCC
*Psalm 143:1-5 2ndLeucharsSanta Fe
*Psalm 143:6-8 2ndHeberunknown
*Psalm 145:1-7 2ndRockinghamSanta Fe
*Psalm 145:9-15 2ndRetreatSanta Fe
*Psalm 146:5-8UniversityConnorQ
*Psalm 147:1-5HuddersfieldConnorQ
*Psalm 147:3-7HuddersfieldGlasgow FPs
*Psalm 149:1-4New Lydia RConnorQ

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