Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Rare Saturday At Home

Most Saturdays I spend at least part of the day up in Houston and/or running errands, but today has been an unusual Saturday in that I have been able to spend the whole day at home.  It's been a beautiful warm day, and we've had the windows wide open, the curtains swaying gently in the breeze.  This morning we hosted a psalm sing.  It was well attended, including lots of children, and a couple of visitors from Canada.

We sang three of my favorite tunes.

First up was Felix, which fits nicely with Psalm 14.

Psalm 14 to Felix

Then we practiced St. Botolph.  You may recall that I posted a very nice recording of this tune several months ago.

Psalm 27:7-11 to St. Botolph

Last of all we sang a tune that's very familiar to us here in Texas: Ericstane.

Psalm 142 to Ericstane

After the psalm sing, several of us stood and watched as herds (Or is it flocks? Gaggles? Swarms?) of children ran around in the front yard.  Visitors to our Texas congregation often comment on how many small children we have here.  And we have indeed been very blessed. :)  As the children get older, they are participating more in the singing, so our recordings may sound less "polished," but I like them better this way.  I hope you do too. :)

P. S. Remember that you can download these recordings, and others, to your own computer here.