Monday, July 30, 2012

It never grows old

It's been four years since we discovered this video, and it's still one of our all-time favorites.  It's a great performance of a great piece, and as a bonus, there are bouncing umbrellas. :)

The William Tell Overture

P.S.  Imagine my surprise to visit my own blog and find that I had posted on Sunday!  I actually wrote this post a few months ago, and scheduled it to post automatically, though I'd intended it to post on Monday the 30th, exactly four years after the post linked above.

I believe that Sunday is the Sabbath day as per the fourth commandment.  I try to spend the first day of the week in rest, worship, edifying conversation, and good books.  I don't blog on the Lord's Day, or listen to secular music.  I'm sorry that I gave the impression that I do both, by not double checking the post date.  I've changed the date of this post, and will be more careful in future. :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Family Photo 2012

As usual, I have quite a backlog of things to post, but no time to post them.  This week has been especially busy, because I am preparing to fly up to Indiana this Saturday to attend the Reformed Presbyterian International Conference.  I expect that the conference will be quite interesting, and am very much looking forward to it.

Anyway, this is just a quick post to share a photo.  Mom and Dad are here visiting from Israel, so on Monday, before Caleb and Leah took off for a month in Canada, we all got together for one last visit.  We thought it would be a nice opportunity to take a family photo.

So here's Mom and Dad, their children and spouses, and grandchildren.  Back row, left to right: Ben, Leah holding Preston, Caleb holding Brooklyn, Jesh holding Shona, and Mark holding Charlotte.  Front row, left to right: Elijah, me, Dad holding Noah, Mom holding Olivia, and Mercy.

I'd like to think that when I get back from the conference, I'll have time to post more, but the reality is, I may not.  But I will try. :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Independence Day 2012

Last Wednesday was Independence Day.  We went to Mark and Mercy's for lunch, where we spent time both indoors (during the rain showers) and outdoors (between them), eating grilled hot dogs (and other good food) and visiting with one another.

It was almost two years ago that we enjoyed another barbecue in this same back yard, only back then it was Caleb and Leah's house.  A few babies have been added to our church family since then.  Mercy, for instance, was 5 months pregnant with Charlotte, last time around.  Now Charlotte is this curly-headed little darling

...and Mercy is almost five months pregnant with baby #3.    

The newest baby in our midst: James and Hayley's third child, and first daughter, Adele.

Since July 4th was a Wednesday, we had a church service in the evening.  By then the rain clouds had cleared away, and when the service was over, the young people took off to Kemah to see some fireworks.  The boys and I were about to head home when a friend ran up to the car and asked "Do you want to come over, just because?" and of course we we went to their house, where the kids had a great time playing together, and the adults spent some time eating oatmeal bars, drinking iced rooibus tea, and discussing the exciting future ahead of us. :)  No fireworks--but a nice Independence Day just the same.