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Recordings from the Scottish Psalter, Book 1, Psalms 1-41

Here is a list of psalm recordings from the first book of the psalms, i.e. psalms 1-41.

These recordings are all from the Scottish Metrical Psalter of 1650, are sung a cappella, and are free to download.

For more recordings, and for more information about the people who created these recordings, click here.

In order from left to right, we have: the psalm, the tune, and the people/group singing.  Click on the psalm to be taken to the hosting site where you can listen and/or download the recording.

I've put an "R" next to the tunes that repeat a line, since I know that not everyone appreciates those (as my brother says, "If that line was meant to be repeated, it would be repeated in the Bible.").

The quality of these may vary.

Where there are multiple recordings per psalm or section of a psalm, I've tried to pick out my favorites to include in the playlist I listen to regularly.  The recordings in my playlist are marked with an asterisk *.

PsalmTuneWho's Singing?
Psalm 1St. PeterCCRPC
Psalm 1Tallis Santa Fe
*Psalm 2WestminsterCCRPC
*Psalm 2:1-8YorkConnor Q
*Psalm 3EdenCCRPC
Psalm 4AbbeyCCRPC
*Psalm 4DunfermlineNiallags
*Psalm 5:1-7StracathroSanta Fe
*Psalm 5:8-12DenfieldCCRPC
Psalm 6FinnartConnorQ
*Psalm 6SoldauSanta Fe
*Psalm 7:1-8St. NicholasCCRPC
*Psalm 7:9-17St. CyrilCCRPC
*Psalm 8Land of RestNiallags
*Psalm 8WinchesterSanta Fe
*Psalm 9:1-11StroudwaterCCRPC
*Psalm 9:7-11StroudwaterAberdeen FCC
*Psalm 9:12-20ManchesterCCRPC
Psalm 10:1-4BurfordCCRPC
*Psalm 10:1-6GlenluceNiallags
*Psalm 10:5-12ComfortCCRPC
*Psalm 10:13-18BelmontCCRPC
Psalm 11SalisburyCCRPC
*Psalm 12KilsythCCRPC
*Psalm 13BallermaSanta Fe
Psalm 13CheshireCCRPC
*Psalm 13StornowayConnor Q
*Psalm 14BeatitudoCCRPC
*Psalm 15GrafenbergConnor Q
*Psalm 16St. LeonardCCRPC
*Psalm 17:1-6ArtaxerxesNiallags
*Psalm 17:1-7RestCCRPC
*Psalm 17:8-15PalestrinaCCRPC
Psalm 18:1-5LancasterCCRPC
*Psalm 18:6-11OstendCCRPC
*Psalm 18:12-19EvangelCCRPC
*Psalm 18:16-19St. MagnusSanta Fe
*Psalm 18:20-27BedfordCCRPC
*Psalm 18:28-35WarwickConnor Q
Psalm 18:28-37MainCCRPC
*Psalm 18:38-45BedfordCCRPC
*Psalm 18:46-50TivertonCCRPC
*Psalm 19:1-6CreditonSanta Fe
*Psalm 19:7-14St. AndrewCCRPC
*Psalm 20EdinburghCCRPC
*Psalm 21:1-6Free ChurchSanta Fe
Psalm 21:1-7ArnoldCCRPC
*Psalm 21:8-13St. BartholomewCCRPC
*Psalm 22:1-5DundeeSanta Fe
*Psalm 22:1-8BangorNiallags
*Psalm 22:1-10BangorCCRPC (octet)
Psalm 22:11-21NaomiCCRPC
*Psalm 22:14-20St. MarySanta Fe
*Psalm 22:22-26SheffieldSanta Fe
*Psalm 22:22-31PraetoriousCCRPC
*Psalm 22:23-26Old 22ndConnor Q
*Psalm 23Bays of HarrisConnor Q
Psalm 23Covenanters
Psalm 23CrimondCCRPC
Psalm 23CrimondHighland Harmony Singers
*Psalm 23St. Columba/ErinSanta Fe
Psalm 23St. Columba/ErinFree Church
*Psalm 23WiltshireNiallags
*Psalm 24:1-6SouthwellCCRPC
*Psalm 24:7-10St. AsaphCCRPC
Psalm 24:7-10St. Georges RHighland Harmony Singers

Psalm 25:1-5 (1st)FranconiaSanta Fe
*Psalm 25:1-7 (1st)DennisConnorQ
*Psalm 25:4-10 (1st)DennisHighland Harmony Singers
*Psalm 25:15-22 (1st)Golden HillSanta Fe
Psalm 25:1-7 (2nd)St. PaulCCRPC
Psalm 25:8-14 (2nd)St. AndrewCCRPC
Psalm 25:15-22 (2nd)St. NeotCCRPC

Psalm 26:1-6St. ThomasCCRPC
*Psalm 26:1-7St. ThomasConnor Q
*Psalm 26:7-12IconiumCCRPC
*Psalm 27:1-5BostonRPCNA*
Psalm 27:1-6DurhamCCRPC
*Psalm 27:7-10St. BotolphConnor Q
*Psalm 27:7-14FarrantCCRPC
*Psalm 28GloucesterCCRPC
*Psalm 29:1-6Old 29thCCRPC
*Psalm 29:7-11CoronaCCRPC
*Psalm 30:1-5St. MinverSanta Fe
*Psalm 30:1-7aIrishCCRPC
*Psalm 30:7b-12St. FulbertCCRPC
*Psalm 31:1-5ConsolationConnor Q
*Psalm 31:1-7GabrielEPC youth
*Psalm 31:1-8St. DavidCCRPC
*Psalm 31:9-18ConsolationCCRPC
*Psalm 31:19-24St.
Psalm 31:19-24TorwoodCCRPC
*Psalm 31:21-24St. LawrenceAberdeen FCC
Psalm 31:21-24St. LawrenceFree Church
*Psalm 32:1-6SalzburgCCRPC
*Psalm 32:7-11SpohrCCRPC
*Psalm 33:1-11ScarboroughCCRPC
*Psalm 33:8-12IrishConnor Q
*Psalm 33:12-22St. BartholemewCCRPC
*Psalm 34:1-10Perfect WayConnor Q
*Psalm 34:1-10StracathroCCRPC
Psalm 34:11-17KilmalcolmCCRPC
*Psalm 34:11-19StracathroConnorQ
Psalm 34:18-22St. MatthewCCRPC
*Psalm 34:19-22WiltshireConnor Q
*Psalm 35:1-8EvanNiallags
*Psalm 35:1-10MorvenCCRPC
*Psalm 35:11-16ElginCCRPC
*Psalm 35:17-23BangorCCRPC
*Psalm 35:24-28St. HughCCRPC
*Psalm 36:1-7BristolCCRPC
*Psalm 36:5-10London NewAberdeen FCC
*Psalm 36:5-12London NewNiallags
*Psalm 37:1-9FelixCCRPC
*Psalm 37:3-7DenfieldConnor Q
*Psalm 37:10-21St. FrancesCCRPC
*Psalm 37:22-28DownsCCRPC
*Psalm 37:29-34GraftonCCRPC
*Psalm 37:35-40StocktonCCRPC
*Psalm 38:1-9BoswellCCRPC
*Psalm 38:10-15DundeeCCRPC
*Psalm 38:16-22TorwoodCCRPC
*Psalm 39:1-6OrtonCCRPC
*Psalm 39:7-13DunlapscreekCCRPC
*Psalm 40:1-5AyrshireSanta Fe
Psalm 40:1-4BallermaConnor Q
Psalm 40:1-7BallermaCCRPC
*Psalm 40:5-9St. PaulSanta Fe congregation
*Psalm 40:8-17MoraviaCCRPC
*Psalm 41:1-6ResolutionCCRPC
*Psalm 41:7-13HumilityCCRPC

*In this recording, conference attendees are singing Psalm 27A from the Book of Psalms for Singing, but the text is the same as in the 1650 Scottish Psalter.

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