Friday, January 25, 2008


I kept forgetting to cut Elijah's hair but today I remembered. I sat down and stood him in front of me to do the cutting, and he stood still for the most part except for the times that he let his knees buckle (on purpose) and then caught his head would suddenly drop away from my hands and then bounce back up. Typical Elijah stuff.

Oh, at first he was afraid of the scissors because he said they would be too noisy. I reminded him that the scissors are not at all noisy like the clippers, but he made snipping motions with his fingers to demonstrate and explained, "The scissors go snack, snack by my ears, and it's too loud." I managed to reassure him enough to get started, and once I got started he was fine (and it went quickly).

Hold on while I go get Noah back to sleep...

Okay, I'm back. I think Elijah's haircut turned out pretty well. I thought about taking a picture of the pile of curls I cut off. I'm always oddly fascinated by that little pile of dark curls. It looks soft and warm and interesting. Elijah and K. were both quite fascinated with it as well. It looked kind of like a little stuffed animal or something.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll cut Noah's hair.

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  1. LOL...we need pictures!! ;)

    I'm sure they're growing so fast!

    See, you have another reader! LOL


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