Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Well Dr. #2 agrees with Dr. #1 that it is not mumps. He doesn't quite seem to know what it is either though. Some sort of underlying infection, he says, causing things to swell a bit. He showed me Elijah's parotid glands (glands that produce saliva), which would be infected if he had mumps. But they are pink and healthy looking, no inflammation or discharge. Elijah submitted to lots of poking and prodding as the doctor examined him very thoroughly. But he didn't complain at all and once the examining was over, beamed at the doctor and jumped around the examining room.

So, it's NOT mumps, but he looks like a chipmunk just the same. :)


  1. Hope the little guy improves soon, whatever it is that he has. Do they do a mumps immunisation in the US? Or is he not old enough, here it is done at 18 months ish. (I think) Maybe a year.

    Praying for his quick recovery - and that it is not infectious!

  2. Yes, they do a measles-mumps-rubella immunization, in two doses, one at a year and one at 18 months. He had one dose at 2 years (delayed/selective immunization schedule). But according to my research, the vaccine is not 100% effective (more like 70-80%, and in some outbreaks, most or all of those infected had been immunized).

    He seems to be much better this morning!

  3. Well, he took the antibiotics, and the swelling was gone within a couple of days. I'm not 100% sure that those two events are related, but anyway, he's all better :)


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