Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May 28th

I suppose I'm due for a post. There isn't much exciting going on here. The girls I watch were out of town for a week and a half, so the boys and I enjoyed our "time off." I got some organizing and cleaning done. I also completed my reusable bag made out of plastic grocery bags. It looks pretty neat. If I ever find the USB cord for the camera, I'll upload a picture.

Elijah has a cold and asthma again. He just went through this a couple of weeks ago. He is not at all himself, poor thing. The weather today is beautiful, though, so I loaded the boys in the double stroller and we went for a long walk. I stopped by the utility place and paid my water bill--saved myself a 41 cent stamp! Woo-hoo! When we got home, we had a picnic out in back of our place. The meal was not particularly exciting--tuna sandwiches to be precise--but it was nice to sit on a soft blanket in the cool evening, to watch the birds and the trees, and to spot the first clover blossoms scattered throughout the lawn.

I'm excited to hear of Mercy's engagement. I miss my family quite a bit, so it will be nice to travel to Texas for the wedding.

Hmm...well I suppose that's all for now. Oh, I've been learning recently that I have a few readers who have never commented (and thus I was not aware of their presence). So, hello, anonymous readers! *waves*

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  1. Hi sis! Thanks for your comments on my blog. I read your blog (even more now that we have internet!) and I'm sorry I haven't returned the favor by commenting on it! Anyway, keep up the good work and don't quit blogging!

    Love ya,



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