Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yes, I switched to cloth!

In response to a comment on another blog...

Yes, I finally did make the switch to cloth diapers. I'm keeping it simple with Chinese prefolds (a few bleached and a few unbleached) and I fasten with Snappis. For now I'm using some Gerber vinyl pull-up covers and they actually work really well except that the vinyl rips too easily, so I think I'll try to find some Dappi nylon pull-ups. I do have one Thirsties wrap cover in blue which is sooooo cute, but it's much more expensive, and doesn't work any better than the pull-ups, so not worth the extra $$$ in my opinion.

All right, that's it--I would be happy to discuss further if any of you cloth-diapering fans have any comments or questions. :)


  1. hmm, have you tried motherease wraps? i like them...not exactly cheap i guess but you don't need a whole lot 3-5 i think is what i got by with! happy cloth diapering! ev

  2. awww Congratulations! :-) I love cloth. Just an you have many old towels or jersey t-shirts? It's very easy to make fitted terry diapers out of old towels - bit like cutting out a T shape and then sewing some velcro on. Does take a bit of trial & error to get a perfect fit, but there are lots of websites with patterns/ideas, even one that tells you how to make a full diaper stash for less than $25, I think. Have you seen that one? I think the idea was to go round thrift shops (if you didn't have lots of scrap clothes) and then cutting & sewing them into prefolds, and if you can knit then even better - can make your own wool soaker wraps! Unfortunately I can't knit - and wool soakers are expensive, so not tried them before. Though I think you can turn old sweaters into them. Anyway, afraid I can go on for ages about cloth nappies (diapers)!! They're lots of fun once you get into all the different ones that are about - I have probably nearly 50 prefolds and a further 60+ shaped nappies, several pockets, plus loads of wraps! I have to try and not keep looking for more, as I really have plenty for my 2 children! :) Any questions, I'm happy to talk - just drop me an email!

  3. I haven't tried Motherease. They look nice but I would be hesitant to spend the money without trying one on first. The Thirsties cover I tried (a little cheaper than the Motherease) doesn't work as well as I would hope for the price--tends to gap a bit in the front at the waist, and I can't tighten it without cutting off the circulation in Noah's chubby little legs!

    I do have dozens of old towels and t-shirts that I have been saving in the hopes that I might some day get a chance to make some fitted diapers. However, I have so much else to do that I'm not sure I'll get around to it before Noah is out of diapers (he's 16 months old already!).

    I do hope to squeeze in the time to make a wool soaker, though I would use a nifty crochet pattern that I have found, as I do crochet but don't knit.


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