Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Family, part 1

Updated 1/10

Hello friends,

I have a wonderful family. I am happy to talk about my family to anyone who will listen. Sadly, opportunities to talk about my family do not arise as often as I would like. So I have decided that I will share a little more about my family on my blog.

Many of you already know my family and will not be learning anything new here, so these posts are for those who don't know anything about my family, and are curious. :)

This is my dad.

Dad is a Bible scholar. He works for TBS (the Trinitarian Bible Society), doing translation work, in conjunction with Rev. Goldby of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland. Just last November, he and Mom moved to Israel to work more closely with the translation team there. They now live in a small flat in Jerusalem just minutes from the Old City.

He is a highly intelligent individual who loves to study theology and Scripture (and politics). He is also quite outgoing and happy to engage in long discussions of said topics. He acquires books in large quantities. When he moved to Israel, he took "only the essentials" from his book collection, which meant six or seven boxes' worth. He has excellent recall of almost everything he reads (I wish I knew how he does it!) For exercise, Dad runs regularly, up to six miles at a time--not bad for an old man!

Dad grew up in Indiana. He's the oldest of five siblings. He initially got a bachelors degree in music (he played the trumpet) but then became a school teacher, and taught elementary and special ed for years. When I was in high school, he went back to school himself and entered the field of computer programming.

Dad and my family are happy to belong to the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland. After years of being a member from a distance, Dad was finally able to get a computer programming job in Houston, so he and the family moved there. Shortly afterwards, Dad was happy to land his "dream job" with TBS. And he hadn't been working for them for long before he was transferred to Israel.

Coming up next: part 2--my mom!


  1. That is a really neat idea, Sharon. Looking forward to "meeting" the whole family!

    H x

  2. Uh oh... you're not going to do all of us are you?!

    :D :D

  3. Hey this is going to be really fun reading!

    But when you get to me, just kinda lump me in with some of your better siblings, will ya?

    Caleb :)

  4. She was already going to do that, of course, Caleb! No, totally kidding! Great idea, Sharon! I already know more about your family now!

  5. Sorry to disappoint you, Caleb, but you get your very own [loooong] post!

  6. I've never got the impression that Santa Fe was perceived by my adopted family to be in Houston.

    And my perception is that Houston has sidewalks and public transport :p

  7. Whenever people ask where I'm from I usually just say Houston, because everybody thinks Santa Fe is somewhere out west. :D


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