Monday, October 12, 2009

I was going through old pictures...

...and found a few to share.

I am very sad that here in Texas, we don't have a proper fall (autumn). I miss fall. Here is a photo that reminds me of the beauty I left behind in the Midwest. From left to right, Jeshurun, Rev. Watkins, Mercy.

When my folks lived in Indiana, they had a small hobby farm with about 10 acres and up to 70 sheep plus various other animals. We Hembds believed then as we believe now that it's important to instill a good work ethic at an early age. No better place to instill good work habits than on the farm. Here is one of Elijah helping with some farm work.

Lastly, just for fun, here are some familiar faces for y'all. We have all of the Hembd family here, plus a few of the Smith boys, plus one extra. From left to right, back row: Jesh, Mark, Carl, Jett, David, Caleb, Joseph. From left to right, front row: me, Mom, Dad, Mercy, Ben (then known as Joe).

I'm not sure if the scanner is dusty or if the pictures themselves are dirty...if you click on these you'll see what I'm talking about. Sorry about that.

Also, I found another good one of Caleb. I added it to this post


  1. I know what you mean about missing autumn. It's sad. I'm afraid I just forget about that season down here, and then I don't miss it so much. But the first couple years were really hard to get used to. I start pretending around now that it's almost spring, and then it doesn't seem too weird. Bad huh?


  2. I know what you mean by fall...I guess we do have a fall over here but being out and about to enjoy it is difficult...and then the skies are seemingly always grey... :(

    BTW, Jett looks so young there (and cute too...:D)


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