Monday, November 16, 2009

Psalm singing at its best. :)

Someone sent my Dad the link to this video of Gaelic Psalm singing.

This is fantastic psalm singing, set to some familiar tunes that we use in our services here (Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland, Santa Fe). Now if only we had better acoustics in our church building...*sigh*


  1. Aha! The Back church...yep been by it several times going to North Tolsta...that particular psalm singing if you want more I believe Sam has one of the cd's. :) Gaelic is lovely but if you can't sing along (due to language differences) it gets pretty sad! They still sing gaelic at least part of the services in the FP church on the islands. Sorry I'm being unclear and wordy today! and for some reason I can't get this to comment...trying again!

  2. Memories! Wow. The pictures bring memories too. I have a CD (possibly of the same recording) that the Reverend David Campbell gave me. If you'd like, I can make a copy for you.

    Aaaah, memories.

  3. Hey Sam, I still listen to some parts of that cd you put on my com...yes memories!!

  4. My part of the world! This congregational singing was particularly well attended as it was for the recording of a cd. In our church (fcc) we sing one gaelic pslam in our congregation on a prayer meeting night, but other parts of the island sing gaelic psalms as part of regular worship.
    Dawn x


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