Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Little Boys and Their Clothes

Over the past few days, I experienced my first Scottish communion season. I enjoyed it quite a bit. :) But it was hard to keep the boys in clean church clothes through five consecutive days of church services.

Elijah has three pairs of church pants. At the communion service on Thursday evening, he wore his khaki pants, and got grass stains on both knees. To the Friday morning service, he wore his gray cords, and at lunch afterward, wiped mashed potatoes onto them. Saturday morning, he wore his black pants, and fell into a mud puddle. It was almost funny. Okay, it was funny.

Are all boys this hard on clothes, or just mine? By the Monday evening service, I couldn't find anything clean for Noah, so he wore jeans. I hope no one minded. :) Generally we dress in our best to go to the Lord's house, but I figured that Noah is only two, and it was Monday, and after all, these were special circumstances; so we would make do.

Someday I'll be the sort of organized housekeeper who can make it through a communion season with all children smartly dressed the entire time. And with my shoes polished, and car vacuumed, and purse cleaned out. But I'm not quite there yet. Getting closer, though.


  1. No, it's not just your boys! :) I sometimes think that my boys can easily go through 2 changes of clothes per day! Thankfully that doesn't happen every day, but it happens a lot! At the moment Clement can even go through 3 changes of clothes in a day (one after each meal or even a snack! LOL). But Abigail is usually in the same clothes from morning till bedtime, and they're not *that* messy! Well, unless she's outside on a wet day - then that's another story. But yes, I think little boys just go through a lot of clothes! :) I always keep my children's clothes for any future siblings and usually they're quite OK to save for further use. But I've been realising lately that once Clement gets to Benjamin's current age, he'll be needing new clothes as the ones Benjamin is wearing at the moment seem to be worn out rather than outgrown! :)

  2. Definitely not just your boys :-) We used to cope with daily church attendance during Communions by making them change from "good" clothes to play clothes as soon as they got in from church.

    Of our younger six, five are boys, and yes, that is a lot of changes of clothes a day. It does get better as they get older.

  3. I'm glad to know that I'm not alone!

    Both the grass stains and the mud puddle happened AT church, so changing at home wouldn't helped. I could probably have prevented the mashed potatoes incident, though.

  4. The other advantage I had/have is that my boys are very close in age (18, 16, 13, 11, 9, 7, 6 & 5) so that when they were little, if there was a mud puddle incident followed by a grass stain incident, then at a pinch they could wear clothes belonging to the brother next to them.

    It is less important now that the older ones are older and bigger. But Alex and JJ still swap clothes, as do JE and HV; and Seb, Juju and Max.

    Girls never seem (at least not here) to need so many changes of clothes. At least not until they turn 12, then they like to change at least twice a day :-)


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