Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September 2010

As the weather begins to cool slightly, Texans are coming out of hibernation.  We've been spending more time outside, and we're not alone; when we go downtown on Saturdays, we find that the parks and jogging trails are beginning to fill up again (and parking spaces are harder to come by). 

One recent Saturday, when I went to pick up the boys, I found them (and their dad, of course) at the Miller Outdoor Theatre watching Bach's Brandenburg Concerto, played with period instruments.  We love the free performances at the Miller Theater, at least when they play classical.

The evenings are the best time to get out for a bike ride.  A few months ago, when the ex gave us this bike, I thought, "Oh dear, I'm not looking forward to teaching Elijah how to ride this."  But I needn't have worried; he taught himself within about fifteen minutes.
Noah's tricycle was a birthday present from Uncle Caleb and Aunt Leah.  I highly recommend these old-fashioned metal Radio Flyer trikes.  They are nice and sturdy, and big enough that they will last a child a long time.

It's funny, my boys are almost two and a half years apart, but people are always asking me "Are they twins?"  I guess it's because Noah is so tall for his age.  They are close enough to the same size that they are able to share most of their clothes.

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  1. that outdoor theatre looks too cool! (and those bikes too)


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