Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Excellent Lecture on Christian Education

My brother Caleb, knowing that I would be interested, sent me the link to this lecture by Rev. David Silversides of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Northern Ireland.  Mr. Silversides argues for the necessity of a Christian education for our children.  I stayed up late after the children were in bed to have a listen, and it was worth it.

Do We Need Christian Schools?

Mr. Silversides made some excellent points.  Here is an outline of his lecture, copied and pasted from Sermon Audio:
The argument and emphasis presented here is for the
consistent godly nurture of our children which
necessarily involves a strictly Christian education.
Positive and biblical reasons are given, and some
objections to an exclusively Christian education are

Some basic questions:

1. Who tells us what to do with our children?
2. Who does God hold responsible for the care of his
3. Is the nurture of children ever neutral?
4. Does the bible say we must have schools?
5. If we have schools must they be Christian ones?

Some objections:

- The hot house objection. Are you not creating a
hot house for your children?
- Won't children rebel against such a stifling
- Are we not in danger of doing the Holy Spirit's
- State education didn't do me any harm.

I especially appreciated Mr. Silversides' handling of his third point, and his responses to the objections (not all of which are listed in the above outline).

Let me know what you think!

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  1. Thank you for this link. I will listen to this x


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