Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jeshurun and Other Photos

I thought I would post a few pictures, including some of my little brother.  Hopefully he will forgive me. :)

Jesh has been working long hours these days.  His employers have been happy to put his skills and work ethic to good use by handing him more and more responsibilities!  They've had him traveling a bit in recent months, once to present a paper at a national conference, and several times to give presentations and attend meetings with a client in Mexico.  He's got more traveling planned for coming months, including a trip to Europe to present a paper at an international conference. 

When Jesh is not traveling for work, he is working late, usually not arriving home until well after dark.  But he still finds time to spend with my boys, reading to them and talking to them and teaching them things in an informal way.  Here he is just arrived home from work, reading a story to the boys.  (Jeshurun is not fond of having his picture taken, so he was grumbling "That isn't very nice," as I took this picture.)

You can tell the above photo is a few months old for a couple of reasons.  First of all, yes, that's a pacifier in Noah's hand.  The pacifier is no more.  Secondly, the photo was obviously taken before the last round of haircuts!  I cut Elijah's hair myself the old-fashioned way (with scissors), but Mercy (my sister) cut Noah's hair with her clippers.  I wasn't sure how Noah would feel about the clippers, but he didn't seem to mind them at all.  Here he is getting his hair cut.  (Please pardon the clutter.)

An "after" shot.  Isn't he handsome?

Jeshurun and Matthew (Mercy's stepson) just happened to be wearing matching shirts that evening, so I had to get a picture.  Mercy had just cut Jeshurun's hair as well as Noah's.  She cuts a lot of hair, including mine...which reminds me, I think it's about time for a chop! 

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  1. Jesh would make a good daddy. So nice that they have such an uncle!! and so nice that they have such an aunt!


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