Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lined out Psalm-Singing, Scottish Style, in Israel

Last week, I posted the first of two recordings of lined out psalm singing in English.  The first one was an older recording made in Scotland.  This second recording of lined-out English psalmody is particularly interesting to me, because while the precentor and singers are Scottish, the recording was made in Israel.  This is a tour group led by Rev. David Campbell of the Free Presbyterian Church, singing in St. Anne's Church at the pool of Bethesda.  Rev. Campbell was also the precentor for this recording.

Psalm 22:22-24, to Moravia, lined out

As I listen to this recording of the psalms being sung by Scots in Israel, I remember how my parents (who are in Israel) have told us that the Jews don't sing the psalms in their entirety as we do in the Free Presbyterian Church.  They sing only some of the psalms.  The remaining psalms are read or recited, or chanted by a cantor, but not sung by congregations.

It's so sad to think that this is a people and a nation who have the psalms in their original languages, and yet they do not sing them.

My mom is working on music for some of the psalms that are not commonly sung in Hebrew, to make them singable.  You can read about her efforts in her recent blog post.

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