Thursday, July 21, 2011

July Psalm Sing

Our "monthly" psalm sings have turned into bi-monthly psalm sings, I'm afraid, or worse. :)  But we're always thankful for the opportunity to sing with our friends, even if we can't do so as often as we like.

I thought the singing at our last psalm sing, on Saturday, was especially nice.  We sang two familiar tunes, Crimond and Evan; and also worked on two less familiar tunes, Farningham and Southwark.  The two newer tunes went over well; everyone seemed to enjoy them.  And I'm happy that I can finally listen to recordings of Psalms 42 and 110.

Here are three of the four recordings.  The fourth--Psalm 133 to Crimond--will be posted later, once Jesh and I have agreed on some edits that need to be made.

Psalm 42 v. 1-5 to Farningham

Psalm 80 v. 1-4 to Evan

Psalm 110 to Southwark

As always, you can download these recordings to your own computer from this site:


  1. Thank you so much for posting these links, Sharon. They are very nice!

  2. You're welcome, Sam! I tried to e-mail them to you, but the address I had was invalid.


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