Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September Psalm Sing

On Saturday we had another psalm sing. We worked on two less-familiar tunes, Winchester and Howard, which we sang to psalms 8 and 92:12-15, respectively.  We still need to work on Howard a bit, so I won't post that recording, but here's the recording of Psalm 8 to Winchester:

I didn't care much for this tune before hand (partly because I kept confusing it with Farrant!), but after hearing it nicely sung in four-part harmony, I changed my mind. :)

After next month's psalm sing, all being well, we should have enough psalm recordings to make a set of two CDs.  Interested?  Details to come.


  1. I'd like some CDs too :-) I tried to make a CD for myself from some of your recordings, but it didn't work too well in my CD player. I love the tune Winchester so glad it's here!

  2. Thanks for this, Sharon. I really liked the tempo at which this Psalm was sung.

    Tim Lindsay

  3. I neglected to say that the reason why I liked the tempo is because it is slower. It gives one an opportunity to be more contemplative and thoughtful while singing the Psalm. When a faster tempo is selected, I find myself overly focused on the execution of the tune itself, rather than the words...and I can sight-read music! I have found that the "classic" common meter tunes, sung at a gentle pace are most conducive to a worshipful focus during the singing that is edifying and meaningful. I think this was nicely demonstrated in your recording.

  4. Another person had the opposite point of view: they said to me that they thought this recording was much too slow, because Winchester is supposed to be a joyous tune, and at this pace it sounded melancholy!

    We generally sing a little more slowly in church than at psalm sings. This recording was more typical of our pace in church.

  5. Interested...I'll be watching out for more details!
    Lydia (England)


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