Monday, October 17, 2011

Sarah's Shower

On Saturday we went to a bridal shower for Sarah, who will be married early next month.  It was nice to spend time with friends and family, and to see Sarah's happy smile as she prepares to start a new home in a new country with the man she loves.

My brother is married to Sarah's sister, and my sister is married to her cousin, so I guess that means Sarah and I are sort of related too, or connected anyhow. :)

Isn't this a beautiful cake?

A nice photo.  From left to right, Sarah's aunt Terry, Sarah's sister Anna, Sarah, and Sarah's stepmum Anna.

The girls Elijah's age were playing house, which was too much girliness for Elijah, so he retreated to a book.

We're looking forward to Sarah's wedding.  It will be nice to see old friends from Canada, and to meet a few people from the UK and the Netherlands.  And our interim moderator, Rev. John MacLeod from London, will be here for a few weeks as well.  If only Sarah's sisters in Scotland could be here too!

I'm planning to take lots of photos in coming weeks, so stay tuned!

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