Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year, Again

A friend sent me this quote via Facebook, very appropriate for the new year, and I thought I would share with you all:

J. C. Ryle, in his book "Old Paths", in the chapter entitled "Forgiveness":
"We ought not to be satisfied with the same kind of hearing, and reading, and praying, which satisfied us in years gone by.  We ought to labour every year to throw more heart and reality into everything we do in our religion.  To love Christ more intensely, to abhor evil more thoroughly, to cleave to what is good more closely, to watch even our least ways more narrowly, to declare very plainly that we seek a country, to put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and be clothed with him in every place, and company, to see more, to feel more, to know more, to do more, these ought to be our aims and desires every year we begin."

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  1. I have some more quotes for you :-D

    "Have you tasted true peace by coming to Him and casting your soul on Him? Then go on to the end of your days as you have begun, looking to Jesus and living on Him. Go on drawing daily full supplies of rest, peace, mercy and grace from the great fountain of rest and peace. Remember that, if you live to the age of Methusaleh, you will never be anything but a poor, empty sinner, owing all you have and hope for to Christ alone." (Christ's Invitation, p374)

    "There is a good time coming for all who have come to Christ and committed their souls into His keeping. They shall 'remember all the way by which they have been led', and see the wisdom of every step of the way. They shall wonder that they ever doubted the kindness and love of their Shepherd. Above all, they shall wonder that they could live so long without Him, and that when they heard of Him they could hesitate about coming to Him." (Christ's Invitation, p375)

    "Do we need a friend? How many have found one idol broken after another, one staff failing after another...Let us behold at the right hand of God and unfailing friend, the Lord Jesus Christ... Do we need a priest? We can find no better priest than Christ. We need no other priest. Why need we turn to any priest on earth, while Jesus is sealed, anointed, appointed, ordained and commissioned by God the Father, and has an ear ever ready to hear, and a heart ever ready to feel for the poor, sinful sons of men?" (Christ's Power to Save)

    And I could go on, and on, and on :-)


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