Thursday, May 24, 2012

Good Post: Ives on Retention of Youth

I like to read the West Port Experiment blog, written by Rev. Michael Ives of the Presbyterian Reformed Church of Rhode Island.  (My sister and her husband visited that PRC last summer, and enjoyed hearing Rev. Ives and getting to know him a little bit.)

I thought Mr. Ives' latest post was particularly interesting, on a topic my friends and family discuss often--retention of our youth.  Yes, Christian education is a big part of keeping our children in the church, but it's obviously not the only factor!  Click here to read more:

Building Multi-Generational Reformed Churches

Update: Mr. Ives has written a "Part II" on the subject.  While the first post focused on the duties of parents, this one focuses on the duties of ministers and elders.

Church Catechesis and the Retention of her Youth

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