Monday, July 19, 2010

Barbecue in July

On Saturday, Caleb and Leah hosted a barbecue at their house.  Saturday was also Jeshurun's birthday, and the day prior had been Aunt Terry's birthday, so this was sort of a birthday barbecue.  We ate some delicious food including Leah's excellent stuffed jalapenos (my favorite), the usual assortment of grilled meats, fresh watermelon from Carl's garden, and some really good chocolate cake prepared by Sarah.  The young folks and grownups enjoyed some nice conversation indoors and out; the little ones played on the slip n' slide and in the kiddie pool.

 Jesh is camera-shy.  When he sees the camera focusing on him, he gets really absorbed in whichever baby he's holding (Louis, in this case).  He is always holding babies.

One super cute little niece. :)

The other super cute little niece. :)

Sam, camera in hand as usual.  He's not really that pale--it's just that the light settings on my camera were all wrong.  All of my pictures looked really washed-out, actually, until I boosted the contrast with Picasa (my favorite free photo editor).

Moms with babies. :)  Oh, and Mark.  We missed Joseph and Carolyn and James and Hayley, and their respective children.

Carl, Jeshurun, Nat, Mark, Mercy, and Sam.  In this picture, you can actually almost tell that Mercy is five months pregnant.  She isn't showing much yet.

The other grownups were visiting inside, where it was nice and cool.  Sorry, the flash on my camera doesn't work, so no indoor pictures. 

Last but not least, Shona and Gerrit relaxing in the hammock at the end of a lovely afternoon. :)

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