Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A few pictures

Some pictures for your enjoyment. Firstly, the view out our back door. Across the way you see some more townhouses like our own, except that ours does not have a walkout basement. For the past few weeks we have had a lot of precipitation, mostly a mixture of sleet, rain, and snow.
And here we have Elijah looking sharp in some new church clothes. He goes through phases where he bites his nails a lot. Not terribly attractive, I know, but it was either this picture or one of him looking a bit whiney (he was tired).

And here is Elijah smiling and saying "Hi, Meemaw" (my mom) for the camera. I took this picture to send to her. As you can see, I dress him in lots of layers for bed.
And last but not least, Noah looking cute as usual.

I hope everyone who reads this is doing well today!


  1. It looks FREEZING there. Wow! Is the stream completely frozen over?
    Eli looks quite sharp in that outfit there! And Noah is growing up so fast... he looks so much older now, that at a glance he almost looks like Elijah.

  2. The stream has only frozen a couple of times and only for a day or two. The temperature hovers right around the freezing point, sometimes above and sometimes below. This weekend it will be toasty--in the 50s. :)

    I don't think Noah looks anything like Elijah until I compare them to other people's children, at which point I realize they both look a bit like Hembds.

  3. I'm doing well! LOL How's Sharon?

    PS - toasty? it was getting very toasty around here until today.

  4. I obviously haven't seen many pics of them, but I think Elijah and Noah look very alike. Post some more pics when you get a chance :-)

    Some of my children look superficially very similar: RJ (a small 14 yr old) and JJ (a tall 11 yr old) , two red heads are often mistaken for twins, as are the two youngest who are both blonde and 364 days apart in age.


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