Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Maybe tomorrow

Well, I didn't get the bathroom done this evening. Noah is out of sorts due to nasal congestion that keeps him from sleeping. Oh and two more top teeth coming through. I had several errands that I wanted to do that I had to postpone as well, due to Noah's unhappiness.

I did manage to take the boys to see their dad at the restaurant where he works. I enjoyed an excellent turkey salad with interesting ingredients like dried cranberries, apples, candied walnuts, and crostini (plus the usual veggies of course). Elijah ate large quantities of chicken fingers and fries and watched his dad working, asking me with great interest, "Are those Daddy's FRIENDS?" every time he saw Mike talking to one of his tables. Noah ate crackers, cucumber slices, and bits of chicken, and at intervals shrieked "Da DAAAAA?" when he spotted his daddy.

Then I took the boys to "the store with the train table" also known as the children's resale shop. I bought a few things, mostly for Elijah (pajamas and church clothes). Elijah and Noah enjoyed the train table, of course.

Then we came home again and I put the boys to bed. Technically I have an hour till my bedtime and I suppose I could finish the bathroom now, but the easiest way to clean up that joint compound dust would be to vacuum it, which of course would wake up the boys. And I'm tired. So I think I'll wait till tomorrow.

Today I found out that I get to fly down to Texas again in March! I'm very excited to be able to see my family again so soon. And it's a direct flight this time, no connecting flights to manage with the little ones. This will be so much easier!

Elijah's new thing: he starts a sentence with "If..." and waits for me to finish it. For instance, today I made a pot of coffee, a routine that Elijah enjoys "helping" me with. Elijah got to push the button to turn on the coffeemaker, as usual, and as usual I mentioned that we never turn on the coffeemaker unless Mama says so, and that after Mama pours out the coffee, we always turn off the coffeemaker. Elijah said "If the coffeemaker is on and the pot is empty...." and waited. Having been through this several [many] times in the past week, I recognized my cue and completed his sentence with "...the pot might break." I think he usually already knows what will happen in the little "if" scenarios he describes, but he likes to hear me say things over again. He likes me to be predictable.

All right, I'm heading to bed early. (It's not even ten yet!)

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  1. ooh, teething! Amelia is teething again too, and at the wrong time!! Why couldn't it have been before Aaron was born? or maybe a couple of months after he was born? but nooo, it has to be the second week after he was born...ugh. :-( I'll be so glad they cut through! Hope Noah isn't too upset! Poor things they just don't know what to do with the pain! Must be irritating for them. Am thrilled to hear about another trip for you to Texas! :) Ev


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