Monday, April 28, 2008

Success with naps!

Noah has switched from two naps to one, and naptimes are SO. MUCH. EASIER. He gets a bit grouchy late in the morning, but not intolerably so, and by the time I put him down after lunch, he is tired enough that he falls asleep straight away. No more spending half an hour or forty-five minutes trying to get him to sleep! Bedtimes have been easier too. He's started doing this thing where he grabs a handful of his shirt and tucks it right up underneath his chin. He seems to find it soothing for some reason. I've never seen another child do that. Anyway, it seems to help him go to sleep.

I made the mistake of trying to put Noah in the nursery at church a couple of times (new church, by the way!!! Yes, I finally switched), with the idea that I could then focus on teaching Elijah to sit through church. Well that was a bad idea, as Noah has now developed separation anxiety and cries the minute I set foot in the nursery. And he cries any time that I walk away and he can't see me. Well, not at home so much, but when we are elsewhere. When we're away from home, he just clings so tightly to me...which is really kind of cute, he's such a sweet little cuddlebug. :) So anyway, I guess I will have to teach Elijah to sit in church while at the same time holding Noah on my lap. This will be challenging. I am afraid that I won't get as much out of the sermons now, which is a shame because I have been enjoying them.

Oh, and Noah is now officially walking. He walks 90% of the time and crawls the other 10%--I can call that walking, right?

I have pictures to post but I'm sleepy. Maybe another time.


  1. Oh yah, I would call that walking. :)

    Btw, what new church is it? Do you like it better? yes, I can imagine it being very challenging holding both of them and that sorta thing. It's important for them to learn while they're young. It's so hard with claire sometimes (of course, esp when I don't have my husband).

  2. Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, and yes, I like it much better. I don't think it would take Elijah long to learn to sit if I could just take him out and show him that I mean business (:p) when the occasion calls for it, but that's hard to do with a little one in arms.


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