Saturday, August 16, 2008

I got a new stroller!

...not the double jogging stroller I've been wishing for, but a single jogging stroller, which is a big step in the right direction. I found it cheap at a local rummage sale. The fabric is faded, but it's sturdy and a good brand (baby jogger) and has the fixed wheel I wanted, and it turns on a dime, and I can drive it straight over a curb without stopping (an advantage of great big wheels). I love it! Now I can make trips like I did yesterday--Noah in the stroller and Elijah walking on the way there, and Noah on my back and Elijah in the stroller on the way home (a mile each way)--only the trip will be sooo much easier with a nicer stroller.

My neighbors had a yard sale of their own today, and thoughtfully included a few items of mine that I wanted out of the house--some of them big, like an extra twin mattress and a broken computer desk--and sold them for enough to compensate me for what I spent on the stroller. I feel good about getting some of those big unwanted items out of my way, and (effectively) getting a new stroller in exchange!

Please don't take this post as an indication that I'm "done" with the last one--I'm still welcoming comments and meal suggestions. :)


  1. I didn't have a recipe book when I first got my crock pot and learned by trial and error - I never pre-brown meat, like you say, extra hassle and extra clean up.

    A whole chicken is great (raw or frozen) just with some oil in the bottom and salt on top if you like the skin crispy. You wouldn't know it hadn't been oven roasted.

    I use mine for almost everything, and still haven't got the hang of doing a "perfect Sunday roast" in a normal oven.

    Hope you find some inspiration.

  2. Good job on the stroller find! It is nice having proper tools.

    Meals? Ehm...I'm in need of some kind of recipe makeover myself. But have you tried breakfast for a dinner? Pancakes are excellent and can be frozen (like waffles). And I really like this idea lately: make scrambled eggs and add extras into that like bell pepper, onion some cooked diced (lol I've used mashed and it works too) potatoes whatever your fam likes. heat up tortillas and basically put the eggy mixture on it and add whatever you fancy (cheese, sour cream and/or salsa)...makes a lovely burrito kinda meal...just for dinner. Am I weird for having breakfast for dinner? You can do so much with tortillas fajitas, burritos etc etc...and they usually are fast and they taste good...boy you would've thought I was born in Texas eh? :P J/K

    Just a thought...


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