Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm in Texas...

...and keeping quite busy, so I may not be able to respond to previous comments for a few days. My parents' church recently bought a new building and my brother Jesh and others have been transforming a wing into living quarters for the new pastor and his family. We spent a few days there this last week, helping out; the place was humming with activity--painting, tiling, new doors, trim, etc. Mom and I repainted the kitchen cabinets and replaced the handles. It was very satisfying to see those hideous yellow cabinets transformed into something beautiful...(ahem) well, tolerable at least. (Sometimes there is only so much that you can do.) I enjoyed working at the manse (parsonage) in part because I enjoy that sort of work, but also because I had nice company, like Mom and my brothers. :)

One person I haven't seen much is my little sister, but as she is getting married tomorrow, she has a good excuse for not being more sociable. Today she tried on her wedding dress for a few last-minute alterations (she looked lovely of course), and I got to think a little more about how my little sister is all grown up, and leaving home for the first time. I also scoped out her room, since I hope that the boys and I will be able to move in now that there's a vacancy. :) Well, not right away, but before too long.

I've been taking lots of pictures and will hopefully get some posted soon, maybe on Saturday?

I can't believe that my visit will be ending so soon (Monday). Perhaps I can just skip my flight back and stay here for good! (kidding, kidding, though I'm tempted).

Adios for now.


  1. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the wedding when you get a chance. Are you the oldest in your family (you don't look much older than Mercy . . )?

    It's exciting for the congregation in Santa Fe to be getting a church, manse and minister all in one go, pratically.


  2. Yes, I'm the oldest of the five. Thanks for the compliment--I'm actually 8 years older than Mercy. :)

  3. So it's you, Jeshurun, Caleb, Mercy and Ben? Have I got it right?

    Lol, don't mean to sound nosey, just like to get my online friends organised in my mind.

    Looking forward to pics of the wedding
    Henrietta (who looks every day of her 39+++ yrs :-)

  4. Yes, you have the siblings in proper order. :)


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