Thursday, September 3, 2009

On the back patio this morning...

Tucked into the corner right up against the back door, Ben found this critter:

I know it's fuzzy, but do you see the red markings on its abdomen? That's right, it's a black widow, a big fat mama black widow. She was surrounded with little babies, too, and a few egg cases. *shudder*

She was dispatched thanks to half a can of bug poison, sprayed liberally about (by Ben, I wouldn't be so brave).

Once deceased, she served as the subject of the following photo:


  1. If that is what comes of buying spider plants. . . I'll make sure I never do :-)

    Shuddering along with you,
    H x

  2. Funny you should say that, Henrietta, as my spider plant actually does appear to be inhabited...but that's a subject for another post. :)

  3. horrible...the one thing I don't like about living down here is the poisionous spiders and oversized roaches! Gross!

  4. Oh gross gross gross! I think I would use several cans of spray!

  5. Scary. Esp. with little ones running around!

    *laughs out loud* Very funny, Ev! Save your last bottle for the one you missed, which will soon grow to terrorize you again. :P

  6. Great. How am I going to sleep tonight?


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