Monday, February 28, 2011

February Psalm Sing

On Saturday we had another psalmody class here in our home.

We "warmed up" with a familiar tune, singing the first four stanzas of Psalm 19 to the tune Crediton.

Then we sang Psalm 119 verses 57-64 (Cheth) to the tune Belmont, which is a favorite tune for many of us.

Finally, we sang Psalm 90 v. 8-10 to St. Agnes again, because when Jesh listened to the recording from last month, he thought we needed to work on the tune a little. This month's recording was indeed a little better, so I've replaced last month's recording with this one on

You can download these recordings to your own computer at

As always, we enjoyed the opportunity to sing psalms with our dear friends, and look forward to doing it again, D.V.  

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  1. Sorry we didn't come, the singing sounded lovely like usual!


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