Monday, February 7, 2011


This is one of my favorite nieces.  (I have four favorites.)

Most of the time, Olivia graciously allows me to think of myself as her favorite aunt.  But now and then, she decides to act like she doesn't even know me. (It's okay, I forgive her.)

Olivia likes animals, including kittens. I was with her one day when she spotted the kittens at the manse.  She promptly sat down on the sidewalk, held out her little arms to one kitten and said "Up?  Up?"  The kitten didn't take the hint, so she very carefully gathered him up, like so:

Oops, he's slipping...

Poor kitty endured this patiently for a few minutes, but finally, in an act of desperation, clutched at her with his little claws to keep from falling.  Olivia didn't make a sound, just looked at me with big round eyes as I gently unhooked his claws from her flesh.

She was a little bit afraid of kitty now that she had learned about his claws, but she still really wanted to pick him up.  Look at her trying to decide what to do.

Kitty didn't try to run; he just crouched there, switching his tail and looking at her narrowly.

At the beginning of the year, Olivia became a big sister.  Little Charlotte is a very sweet baby who sleeps a lot. In fact, I rarely see her awake.  Mercy tells me that she is in fact awake now and then, but those times do not generally coincide with our visits.

For some pictures of Charlotte awake (and some of Olivia, too), see this post on my sister's blog.


  1. Very beautiful children! Ollie reminds me of Annika with the felines... She likes them and they like her for some reason, even our "wild" cat, D'mitri, whom Julia picked up (after chasing) while waiting for Daniel at the Arts Center one night. D'mitri doesn't like many people, but when the kids were here after Christmas, he showed his affection for Annika.
    I really like your little story, Sharon!

  2. very sweet Sharon! I loved the pictures & story of Olivia and the kitten. :) Must show Amy...

  3. What a suprise to see ourselves on your blog :) I had never seen this before, it's nice!

    Jantine (NL)


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