Tuesday, March 22, 2011

He's FOUR!

It's hard to believe that my baby is now four years old.

For his birthday we met up with some other moms and children at a nearby park.  I tried to get some photos but it's hard to get good shots of kids on the move. 

Awww, Mama, do I have to stand here for pictures?

I'd really rather be climbing on the playground equipment....

....or going the wrong way up the slide.

Noah has always been a very cuddly and affectionate child.  While he's still sweet and cuddly, he has really come out of his shell in the last year, spending less time hanging on to my skirts, and more time tagging along with his more sociable older brother.  He especially enjoys spending time with children younger than himself; he is very sweet and protective with them!

If you know Noah, you've met "Chihuahua," his little stuffed chihuahua puppy.  Chihuahua follows Noah everywhere, and it's not uncommon to see Noah "feeding" bites of his own food to Chihuahua at meal time, or putting Chihuahua's paws together when it's time to pray, or taking Chihuahua for a walk on a makeshift leash.

Noah enjoys looking at books and being read to.  He hasn't learned to read yet, though he knows most of the alphabet and letter sounds.  One of these days I'll get around to teaching him to read, if he doesn't figure it out himself first.  He seems to be more of a math person than his very-verbal big brother.  He can add and subtract small sums on his fingers, and numbers/math often find their way into his conversations, especially at lunch time.  He listens and watches attentively as his big brother learns things, and I often wonder just how much he is picking up.  I guess time will tell!

I'm so thankful that I can spend my days at home with my boys, and I look forward to watching Noah grow and learn over the next year.

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