Friday, June 17, 2011


Jesh recently went to Europe for a conference.  
The weekends before and after his conference, he spent in London,
where he did some sightseeing with a friend, and attended FP services.

He saw, among other things, Big Ben and the Westminster Palace.

Then he was off to Vienna, where, between conference meetings,
he wandered the streets

taking photos of rose gardens
and old cathedrals

and Mozart's grave.

I haven't traveled much myself, but someday I hope to.  It would be nice to make it to Canada again; and some day I would really like to visit Scotland and England to meet all the wonderful people that I've heard so much about.

Of course, being on a tight budget, I won't be traveling at all for quite some time.  But it's quite easy to open any number of mini-savings accounts through my online bank, so with a few clicks I opened an account entitled "travel."  Of course, since travel isn't high on the priorities list, I didn't have much of anything to put into the account; but it feels good to have made a beginning, anyway. :)


  1. Just curious, Sharon: what online bank has this feature? It seems like a neat way to divide one's funds.

    Tim Lindsay

  2. I use (and recommend) ING, Tim. It is indeed quite convenient to be able to divide savings into different accounts. I don't know if other online banks offer this feature or not.


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