Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Still Here

I'm still here, and I don't intend to let this blog die just yet. :)  I'm as busy as can be, but I thought I would stop in quickly to say "hello" and to offer an excuse for my absence: namely, that I've got a new job, working for Carl's roofing business.  It's just a part time temp job, but what with work, homeschooling, keeping house, and various other commitments, my days are very, very full. 

I take lots of photos that I intend to post, but I don't get to it quickly enough, and as the months tick by, I decide that they are no longer relevant.  So when I took this photo just a few minutes ago, I decided to post it right away, before it's too outdated. :) Here's Elijah with a happy smile as he listens to his favorite radio program, StarDate.  

He is growing up so fast!  And his hair is growing fast too--looks like it's about time his Aunt Mercy cuts it again!


  1. Its so great that you can attend a FP Church. I wish there was one near me...


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