Saturday, June 29, 2013

I'm Workin' On It

A few people have kindly pointed out to me (errr...have been pointing out, for some time now) that my catalog of psalm recordings is in need of some updating.  If you've checked it out recently, you may have noticed a few broken links; and you may also have wondered why I haven't yet included many excellent recordings that have popped up online in recent years.

So, I've finally begun the process of updating the list.  I'm removing broken links, and adding new recordings as I see fit.  I'm no longer including every recording that I find; I'm just listing one recording for each psalm or section of the psalms, plus extras when I can't decide on a favorite (which is often).  Hopefully you'll enjoy my selections.  If not, remember that you can always visit the sites listed on this page to find more recordings that I haven't included.

The list-updating-process will be a gradual one.  Psalms 1 through 49 have been updated, and hopefully over the next few weeks, I'll get through the rest of the list.  Thanks for your patience. :)

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