Thursday, November 6, 2008

Elijah can read!! ...Almost

Elijah is now sounding out simple words, thanks in part to this website:

The kids (the older three anyway) love this site--Noah lets out an ear-piercing shriek of excitement whenever he sees me pull it up on the screen. We started with the ABC's page and that's still where the kids spend the most time, but Elijah has now developed quite an interest in the beginning readers' page too. A couple of times a week when it's time for me to prepare lunch, I'll pull up this site and put Elijah in charge of navigation. Elijah, Noah, and K (the 3.5 year old girl I watch) will huddle around the screen and watch with fascination. Today the favorite letter was "T" for tiger, ten, and taxi. They must have watched that tiger roar at least a dozen times in a row.

So if you have a little one learning his/her alphabet, check it out. :)

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  1. What a gold mine!! I have been looking for a site that would be so interactive and educational with regards to the letters of the alphabet and reading! Thank you sooo much! Amelia loves it too and is probably going to scream once I turn this off. :S

    oh, and congrats on Elijah reading or almost that is great!


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