Monday, January 12, 2009

January 12th

Noah spent the weekend in the hospital with a severe case of croup. My poor baby! Friday night when he was admitted, he was struggling so hard just to take a breath. I am very thankful for modern medicine; every time he had another attack of croup, he was given a breathing treatment which had him breathing normally within minutes.

The ER doc diagnosed Noah with pneumonia without even listening to his breathing first. He approached with the stethoscope but Noah cried when he came near, so he (the doc) gave up after a couple of seconds. Because of the pneumonia diagnosis, Noah got a shot of antibiotics and also had his blood drawn to check for the spread of infection. Well all that turned out to be unnecessary as he didn't have pneumonia after all--thankfully our regular pediatrician caught that right away and told us we didn't need to continue the antibiotics. I'm a little upset about the misdiagnosis though and the unnecessary treatment. I mean, Noah didn't even have a fever--pneumonia? *sigh*

Noah is now terrified of anyone wearing scrubs. Which is too bad really, as all the nurses in the pediatrics ward were really nice, as is our regular pediatrician. Actually, come to think of it, Noah didn't mind the pediatrician so much. Perhaps the pediatrics nurses were too much for him because they were all so know the type..."HI there SWEETIE! Aren't you the most PRECIOUS THING! We'll have you better in NO TIME!" all said very loudly about a foot away from his face. Elijah just loves that sort of thing--when the attention was turned on him, he would beam all over and jump up and down--but Noah is a little bit overwhelmed by really expressive people.

Noah came home Sunday morning. Now all three of us are dealing with a hacking cough and runny noses, and Noah points to his cheeks and says "Owie," so I think he may be dealing with some sinus pain. But at least we can all breathe. Today all my childcare girls came as usual and it was kind of hard; I was able to get everything/everyone taken care of as usual, but I was just tired I guess. Hopefully tomorrow is better. I guess I should get to bed!

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