Thursday, January 8, 2009

no pictures, sorry

I am safely back from Texas as of Tuesday night. Somehow while in Texas I neglected to take any pictures. If anyone wants to e-mail me some pictures from last week so that I can post them here, that would be great! I know a couple of people got pictures of the boys.

While in Texas, my wise brother pointed out that moving trucks are expensive, and that I should consider selling off all of my furniture here in Indiana, and just move down with what I can fit into my car and my mom's (as Mom will come up to help with the moving process). I thought about it and decided that my brother is right (as usual). But, wow! That means I have a lot of stuff to get rid of! I suppose I'll have to sell most of my furniture on Craigslist, which is always a hassle. Maybe once the weather improves, I'll borrow someone's yard and have a big yard sale.

Anyone want to buy a bookcase? It's solid wood, and folds up. Quite nifty really. Or perhaps you would like an electric ice cream maker? Or a big trunk with Stockholm shipping labels from the 1920s?

I am headed to the local children's resale shop to see if they will buy some of our outgrown boys' clothes and maternity clothes. Perhaps then I will stop by a local used book shop to see if they are interested in purchasing any of my books. Adios!

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