Thursday, June 18, 2009

Coming, someday some point, I would like to say a few words about how misrepresenting the views of our opponents is really counterproductive; as an example, I will discuss how misrepresenting the views of Muslims is not helping us to win any converts. (And that's the goal, right? Winning converts? As opposed to fear-mongering?)

If you're looking for some interesting reading regarding the real views of most Muslims, check out this Gallup poll research

Who Speaks for Islam? What a Billion Muslims Really Think

But I won't get to this for a while, perhaps after I move. (Wow, I can't believe that I'll be moving in less than two weeks!) I'm busy busy busy going through things in preparation for my move, selling stuff via Craigslist, and of course I have to keep the house looking good at all times for showings. Lots of showings...apparently the economy isn't hurting this sector of the housing market. :)

NOTE: After some thought, I have deleted the anonymous comments. Sorry, I know that others had responded to those comments, so the "comment conversation" may not make as much sense now! If "Anonymous" would like to repost with his name attached, he (or she) is welcome to do so.


  1. I agree with you Sharon. Misrepresenting Muslims and their views is counterproductive.

    Hope the move goes well.

    H x

  2. I agree that we are to be careful about how we deal with Muslims, and how we represent their beliefs.

    But we should be careful also to understand what we're discussing... There are two different issues here. 1, what Muslims in general believe, and 2, what the Quran teaches. These two matters could, and I think often are, vastly different.

    Muslims I know are peaceful, and at least don't appear to actually follow the teachings of their own Quran.

    But in any case, Sharon's general premise is most certainly correct, that it does no good to misrepresent the views of someone we would like to see converted to Christianity. It makes far more sense to listen patiently to them, understand their point of view, and gently proceed from there. Any other way will only alienate them.

    That's not to say though, that there is never a time and place to expose the true teachings of the Quran, and to discuss the life of Muhammad... which I think speaks volumes.

    BTW: it is very easy to administer an anonymous rebuke. But does it do any good? I mean, if you're going to correct someone, shouldn't you stand behind what you've said?

  3. Just to address the issue of Christian women "teaching"...I don't personally thinking that sharing one's opinions on one's blog constitutes "teaching" in any inappropriate way. But if "anonymous" or anyone else would like to argue otherwise, I'm willing to listen.

  4. To "anonymous I":

    I agree with you about the Christian/family to Christian/family way of addressing things (I.e., not in public). It's very true. When one presents arguments that are not quite sound, or that are perceived to be not quite sound, a Christian may out of brotherly love tell that person wherein they go wrong, so as they may correct their mistake. I do not believe that it should always be done in a public fashion, lest other random viewers will believe there is discord and disagreement in the family/church.

    Also interesting to note is the truth in your statement about where we gather information. Who can be certain all of our information is absolutely correct? Nowadays we have false rumors starting in politics from journalistic bloggers, we have articles and ideas that are handed down from one news agency to the next, misinformation and facts all interwoven, and political bias on every side. We must be able to try at discern between fact and fiction, in this (appropriately dubbed) info-overload day and age.

    Tis very true, misrepresenting Muslims' opinions is not the way to convert them. There is certainly a place for correcting someone if they are wrong in that matter. In the same way, however, if one is misrepresenting the fundamental ideas of a religion, (whether on websites one sees, articles one reads, or in actual conversations one hears) there is a place to correct them, also.

    Hopefully I'm not out of line in posting on here. Hope no one takes offence.

    EDIT: My previous post was deleted so I could edit a few things.

  5. After some thought, I have deleted the anonymous comments. If you would like to repost the comments with your name attached, you are welcome to do so.


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