Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Meet My Family, part 4-Jesh

Updated July '11

Next in line is my biggest little brother, Jeshurun.

Photo credits: Samuel Smith

Jesh (short for Jeshurun, Deuteronomy 33 etc.) is sort of the "man of the house" in my father's absence.  He works as a geophysicist in the oil industry, work which he enjoys, but which he says is a little too "consuming."  He works long hours, and occasionally travels to meet with clients or to participate in geophysics conferences; so we don't see much of him, but when he is at home, he still makes time to talk to and interact with my children, something I greatly appreciate.

Jesh is very level-headed, and has a good deal of common sense; you can always count on him to provide you with an intelligent, well-reasoned viewpoint on an issue, that is, if you can drag it out of him, since he is not quick to share his opinions on things. 

In his spare time (what little he has), Jesh is kind of a jack-of-all trades, capable of handling tasks of all sorts.  Past projects (not in chronological order): small-scale sheep farming, replacing the clutch on his own car (a project which involved suspending the car from the rafters of the garage), helping design and manage a website (now defunct) for FP youth, working as a butcher at a meat processing place, converting a wing of the church into living quarters for the pastor and his family (he did much of the work himself, including electrical, tile, etc.) and many more. Feel free to remind me of some of his more interesting projects that I'm forgetting. :)

Jesh's memory is quite impressive; for instance, he remembers every detail of our childhoods, including the details of many of the books we read as children. 

I think that's about all I can fit into this post. :)

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