Monday, June 1, 2009

Meet My Family, Part 3--Me!!

Updated 1/10

The next family member is myself. That's right, I'm the oldest sibling (of five). Hmm, what don't you already know?

Well, for those who don't know, I'm a single mom of two lovely little boys (5 and 2.5). Until recently, I lived in a college town in southern Indiana, where I worked as an in-home childcare provider. Then, last summer, the boys and I moved to Texas to be with my wonderful family. Initially I lived with my parents and two of my brothers, but then my parents up and moved to Israel. So now it's just my brothers and I, and my boys. I spend my time raising my boys and keeping house for my brothers.

My interests include: everything pertaining to children, their education, and their development; Reformed theology; classical music; hiking/nature/the out-of-doors; environmental issues; energy issues; and politics to a certain extent (I do have a degree in political science). I like to crochet, sew, and quilt with salvaged and recycled textiles. I run for exercise (someday I'd like to run another 5k). If I were rich, I would take singing lessons, and buy a piano. Hmm, I think that's about it. :)

ETA this is my 100th post! Woo-hoo!


  1. lol, emphatic emphasis on not belonging to Santa Fe. ;). Don't worry, it's not my most favoritest town either, as far as asthetics and population quality goes, but it's my home town, so of course i love it.

  2. Picture added. :)

    I like my friends in Santa Fe, just not sure about the rest of the town. :)

  3. Anonymous comment has been removed--if you would like to repost with your name attached, you are welcome to do so.

  4. I often dream about a door opening up for you and the boys to visit Israel.


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