Wednesday, February 17, 2010


We love doing puzzles. Here are the boys with their latest favorites. Elijah is working on a 600-piece train puzzle, and Noah has just completed a 24-piece of Winnie the Pooh.

Now before you get too impressed, I must point out that the boys get a lot of help with these puzzles. I help Elijah by sorting pieces and by giving him verbal cues when he gets stuck, like "Where does that piece go, Elijah? Look at the picture on the box--see here? I think it's part of the blue train's wheels," etc. I help Noah by handing him the next piece that he needs, and by identifying pieces, as in "Here is Tigger's hand," though once he's done a puzzle a couple of times, he doesn't need so much help.

I have a hard time getting pictures of moments like these, because my camera's flash isn't working. Pictures of little boys indoors often turn out blurry. This one isn't too bad though.

EDIT: After a couple of days, the boys are on their own with these puzzles. Noah breaks his up and re-does it over and over, and Elijah sorts his own pieces and comes running to tell me when he finds something important. I think it will take him a couple of weeks to finish the whole thing. :)

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  1. I like Noah's smile. I have a little time today to look at your blog. Was supposed to go over to Yad Hashmonah to work with Dr Nerel on the Delitzsch Hebrew New Testament, but it's raining really hard, so I rescheduled the meeting for Monday. (Monday we have off from Ulpan.)

    That is a good smile!



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