Thursday, February 4, 2010

Researching Women's Dress

Hello again. I've been doing a lot of reading and thinking about men's and women's clothing lately. I think I'll probably be writing several posts on the topic, but I've been learning so much, I hardly know where to start! For the time being, I thought I would share some of the links I've found most interesting.

These are in no particular order.

Firstly, here is the Wikipedia article on trousers. It gives an overview of their history, and includes an interesting paragraph about women in trousers.
You might also find this one interesting:
Women Wearing Pants--Wikipedia

Here is an old book which has been put online by my alma mater, Indiana University. It includes interesting photographs and color illustrations of historical garb from various parts of Asia.
Oriental Costumes--Their Designs and Colors

A few early feminists started the "dress reform" movement which was considered quite radical in its day.
19th Century Dress Reform, In Pictures
Be sure to check out the additional pages--all quite interesting.

In 866, the Pope was asked whether or not the women in Bulgaria needed to cease their custom of wearing pants in order to join the Catholic church.
Responsa Nicolai I ad consulta Bolgarorum
The interesting element of this link is not the Pope's opinion on the matter, but the fact that Bulgarian women in 866 wore pants.

In many cultures today, men still wear skirt-like garments. Here is a site that lists traditional male unbifircated (undivided) garments from around the world. The kilt is the most obvious example, but there are a number of others that I wasn't familiar with.
MUGs Around the World
Note: The rest of this site is questionable, but this particular page is interesting.

Here is a link with illustrations of what men and women probably wore in Bible times. I'm not sure about everything described here--for instance, the author seems quite sure that Jewish women wore makeup. But I can't find a better link with illustrations of Bible-era clothing. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Living in Bible Times

Here is an article by a family friend that represents probably the more conservative end of the Free Presbyterian view.
Christian Clothing--Scripture Standards for Dress and Conduct

*****PLEASE NOTE*****I am NOT endorsing every opinion or article of clothing presented in the links above.

In case you're wondering "What exactly is Sharon advocating here?" ....I'm not advocating anything (yet). I'm just sharing some of what I've learned about what it means to dress as a man or a woman in different cultures, and what it meant in days past.

I may post other interesting links as I come across them. Happy reading!

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  1. This is an excellent topic to research! I think people do not research women's dress enough or at all. Perhaps if they did, we would be more educated or thoughtful with what we wear rather than following trends (which in my opinion are looking more and more unstylish!!). I will say that certain clothing back then proved to be cumbersome, so as much as our clothing needs to be modest, it needs to be practical too. (Stating the obvious I know)... yep, I'm rambling :)


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