Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Running in a skirt--success?

If you read my comments section, you'll know that I ordered an "Exerskirt." Here's a picture borrowed from the website.
This is the only modest exercise skirt that I was able to find online.  Modest swimwear is actually much easier to find, believe it or not; here are a few examples.  But anyway, back to the skirt.  It's mid-calf length, made from a stretchy nylon-blend fabric, with matching, stretchy shorts attached beneath (the shorts hit me just above the knee). 

Here's my opinion of it.  It's reasonably well made, and the material is a nice weight.  It looks all right, though I wouldn't say that it's the cutest thing I've ever worn.  When I first got it, i took it for a short test run--just down the street and back--and thought "wow, this just might work."  But I reserved judgment until I had a chance to test it more thoroughly.  That opportunity came yesterday, when I was downtown again and went for a three-mile run/walk around Hermann Park.

It was a windy day--the worst of conditions for running in a skirt--but the skirt didn't blow up at all, or ride up on the windward side.  Nor did it blow between my legs, which is something that will happen with a skirt that is too full.  The material was soft and smooth and didn't chafe.  And it was stretchy enough that I was able to do a few lunges without the skirt riding above my knee.  In all, I found this skirt to be quite comfortable and practical.

I discovered a convenient little pocket hidden inside the waistband, just big enough for my car key and ID.  This detail wasn't mentioned on the website.

I didn't get any odd looks or comments.  At one point I heard a shout "How you gonna be running in that?" from some guys on the golf course, but turns out they were shouting at their friend who was running behind me. :)

Now I don't want to say that this skirt is the perfect solution to all my running problems.  For one thing, it was expensive, at $50.  But I suppose the high price is inevitable since the skirt is produced by a very small company.  I doubt that big clothing factories are going to start mass-producing modest exercise skirts any time soon. :)

I also had a few technical complaints about the skirt.  I thought the waistline came up a little too high in the front and not quite high enough in the back.  I would prefer that the skirt be a couple of inches shorter, so that it wouldn't flap around my calves so much; though since the material is smooth and lightweight, the flapping isn't actually uncomfortable, just annoying.  Last complaint: I wish it came in a lighter color, like a medium gray; I'm afraid that navy blue will be too hot in the summertime.

Overall, I'm happy with this skirt and expect to use it regularly.  If you've struggled with running in a skirt (I know that several of you have, and thanks for the sympathy, by the way) then consider giving this one a try. :)  I'm going to keep experimenting, and if I find other things that work, I'll let you know. :)

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