Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June Psalm Sing

Last week, we had another psalm sing.  First we had a dinner of pizza and snacks; then we all squeezed into the living room to work on our singing skills.  We had a few more singers this time, including Mom and Dad, who sang alto and tenor, respectively.  I enjoyed myself quite a bit and I hope that everyone else did too. :)

We recorded four psalms, but two of the recordings have a lot of kid chatter (some children were playing near the recorder) so I won't post those here.

Our recorder wasn't really designed for this sort of thing, so I apologize for the quality of these recordings.  With the extra singers this time around, our poor little recorder was a bit overwhelmed!  Maybe someday I'll get some proper recording equipment.

As with last month, if you'd like to download these recordings, they are available here.


  1. hey do you think y'all could do psalm 1? ;) can't seem find it anywhere to the tune...uh the one we normally do it to. Seriously, y'all should do more of these and make a cd...sell in say the fp bookroom... :D

  2. Hey Evelyn, I bet we could. I'll pass your request on to Jesh & James, who are running things (I just bake the cookies). If you could be a little more specific as to which tune you use, that would help. :) I've heard Psalm 1 sung to a couple of different tunes here...Artaxerxes is the only name I can think of at the moment.


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