Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Beautiful Tune

Lately, I've been enjoying this recording, which I found at  It's from Psalm 102, second version, and sung to the long-meter tune of Hereford.  I like the tune a lot, though it's too complicated for an amateur singer like me to sing at this speed; it would be nice if sung more slowly, I think.

23 My strength he weaken'd in the way,
My days of life he shortened.
24 My God, O take me not away 
In mid-time of my days, I said:

Thy years through out all ages last.
25 Of old thou hast established
The earth's foundation firm and fast;
Thy mighty hands the heav'ns have made.

26 They perish shall, as garments do,
But thou shalt evermore endure; 
As vestures, thou shalt change them so;
And they shall all be changed sure:

27 But from all changes thou art free;
Thy endless years do last for aye.
28 Thy servants, and their seed who be,
Establish'd shall before thee stay.

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  1. Beautiful singing, love the words and tune, thanks for posting!

    This last Sabbath was quite long here, since J and the big children were away; and England were playing Germany in the World Cup.

    I did my best to distract the children from the football, but it got difficult when they realised that we could hear the cheering/groaning from the street/our neighbours.

    So we sat down and listened to some psalms (I have several CDs on my laptop), and tried to learn a few new tunes.

    That used up a good bit of time and energy and made everyone happy!



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