Friday, January 28, 2011

Useful Psalm-related Links

I thought I would take a moment to draw your attention to a few websites related to Psalm singing which are already linked in various places on this blog, but which I think are worthy of specific mention.

Firstly, a friend from a psalm-singing church in the Dallas, Texas area has put together a website "for the encouragement and preservation of Biblical worship."  Mr. Koller posts regularly, and I have enjoyed reading his posts and the comments that have followed.
Exclusive Psalmody

Secondly, a friend in South Africa is working on a series of Google-based maps that will include all the EP (exclusively psalm-singing) churches around the world.  Also, he is working on maps by denomination and maps by psalter.
I found it very interesting to browse these maps just for curiosity's sake.  There are more EP congregations than I had realized (and more Free Presbyterian congregations than I had realized, for that matter).
Mr. Lindsay is still looking for information in order to complete some of these maps--click on the "info needed" tab if you think you might be able to help.
Exclusive Psalmody Churches

Thirdly, I've already mentioned the Aberdeen Free Church Continuing site, with its midi files of psalm tunes, but I'm finding the site so useful that I thought I would bring it up again.  While I can read music well enough, I'm afraid I'm not blessed with a near-perfect sense of pitch like my mother, and my brothers Jesh and Ben.  Since there aren't a lot of other people singing alto in our congregation, I need to be able to hit the notes accurately on my own.  So I find it useful to download tunes from the Aberdeen FCC site, and hum the alto part along with the recording as I browse the web.  I think doing so has helped me to fine-tune my pitch a bit (and also helps me to memorize parts for those occasions when I forget my split-leaf).
Last time I posted about this site, there were only three psalm recordings at the bottom of the page--now there are sixteen!  And they are very nice recordings. 
Aberdeen Free Church Continuing--Online Media 
I realize that I haven't posted about much else besides psalms lately.  That's partly because I think about the psalms a lot :) but also partly because my camera has died, and everything else I'd like to write about requires pictures!  But a new camera is on its way, and soon you will be treated to posts about beautiful baby nieces and incredible climbing six-year-olds.

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  1. Thanks Sharon, I hadn't realised the Aberdeen site had actual recordings of singing and not just the midi files :)


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