Friday, July 2, 2010

Rainy Days

Well, Hurricane Alex ended up in Mexico, but the outer reaches of the storm have been dumping heavy rains upon us for days.  We've been cooped up inside.  It's been kind of nice, actually, to stay inside eating hot soup and garlic breadsticks and cookies and milk and drinking hot tea, while listening to psalm recordings, and to the hush of the rains on the roof and the faint rumble of thunder.

The back corner of our back yard flooded.  Juneau (our dog) was stranded in his doghouse, looking out and whimpering as the water grew deeper.  Finally, when the water threatened to come in at his door, I donned a jacket and went out into the rain to move his house to higher ground.  I had to wade through some water to get to him, but the water was warm so I didn't mind much.  The rain feels kind of nice, actually; it's heavy but gentle and warm.  Now and then I send the boys outside to splash in the puddles in the driveway.

The rain brought out the frogs.  We hear them peeping and chirping and a few of them (must be big ones) baa hoarsely like rams.  At night, we find little frogs clinging to the back window; they are drawn there by the bugs that come to the light.  We have to be careful opening the back door, because the frogs will spring inside without warning, and then we have a fun time chasing them down; they sit perfectly still until we've almost got them, at which point they suddenly leap sideways several feet, which of course makes the boys jump and shriek with excitement.

Yesterday, parts of our county got eleven inches of rain.  I wouldn't be surprised if we've had that much already today.  Though this rain is not nearly as intense as that one spring in Indiana when we got ten inches of rain in twenty minutes, and my basement flooded.  I guess it's nice that I don't have to worry about a flooded basement any more (houses here don't have basements), though I do miss the cool of a basement in the summertime.

I have a few minutes left before the boys' "quiet time" is over.  Just enough time for a cup of gingerbread tea, with a bit of honey. :)


  1. As the water rose higher, Juneau once again found himself surrounded by water. I went out to check on him, and when he climbed out of his house to greet me, it floated away. :D So I put him in the garage. Hopefully he won't wreak too much havoc in there before Ben gets home to deal with him.

  2. Pictures of what, the doghouse floating away? LOL I didn't think to take any, and besides, it was too dark and gloomy for pictures to turn out.


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